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Whether you choose indica cannabis seeds, sativa cannabis seeds or hybrid ones, growing cannabis plants by yourself gives you the freedom of picking the genetics that interest you. Since all these species have different attributes, you should know that they grow differently, take different time to flower and produce different amount of yield. So, let’s discuss the difference between each of the cannabis plant species.

Indica Cannabis Plant

Indica cannabis plants have always been the prime choice of cannabis growers as they have a shorter flowering period and produce higher yields. These plants are short in height, bushy in appearance and have broader leaves. They take less time to mature and grow much sooner than sativa plants. This is why they can be easily grown in outdoor gardens where fall turns into winter quickly. They are also suitable for indoor gardeners because their stature is short which is ideal for indoor places where space is limited and direct sunlight is needed.

Due to higher production, cannabis growers’ profit margin is also more. So, if you also desire to grow indica cannabis plants and mint money, you can easily buy indica cannabis seeds online from reputed suppliers.

Sativa Cannabis Plant

The origin of plants of sativa genetics belongs to the equatorial region, where summers are long and winters are mild. Sativa Cannabis plants are usually grown for the strains that have uplifting and cerebral effects. Usually, sativa seeds are not the first pick of gardeners as they have tall stature, take long time to flower and also produce low yields. They are lanky in appearance and have thin and narrow leaves. They are mainly the choice of connoisseurs as they desire to explore different sativa strains and their varying effects.


There are also some benefits of sativa cannabis plants. As their flowering period is long, the vegetation growth is faster. They also have better ability to fight heat than most of the indica species.

Hybrid Cannabis Plants

These plants are known as the blend of the best qualities of both –indica and sativa species. Most of the cannabis plants, these days, are hybrid mix of different indica and sativa strains. Usually, they are dominant in traits of one of the strains, either indica or sativa. Their flowering time varies depending upon the mix and most of the varieties produce higher yields and vary in appearance too. Thus, their products’ effect depends upon the dominant strain.

So, if you are also a cannabis grower or want to grow cannabis plants just for fun or experiments, you can make an easy online purchase of indica cannabis seeds or seeds of other cannabis species, whatever you want to grow.

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