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Autho flowering are genetically designed to automatically move from the growing phase to the flowering stage. Usually, cannabis plants don’t flower until they experience a change in light cycles.
Autoflowering cannabis strains like Girl Scout Cookies Auto are perfect for your first grow (or your thousandth grow) because they’re resilient, low-maintenance, easy to grow, yet still super productive.
This seed will give you a chance to test the waters without having to worry about damaging your plant or ruining your harvest. Simply put, this strain does most of the work for you.

2. Availability

Sometimes it can be hard to get your hands on the cannabis seeds you’re looking for. But not when you’re dealing with FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds.
Probably the easiest, most secure way to get your seeds are to order them directly from Gorilla seed bank
Gorilla has teamed up with tons of seed banks and suppliers to become the go-to source for pretty much any cannabis seed imaginable.
The easiest way to get your first grow started is to order a packet of FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds directly from Gorilla. That’ll ensure that you get the highest quality seeds delivered right to your door securely and discreetly.

3. Quickness

You obviously want your first attempt at growing cannabis to be a good one.
One of the biggest reasons we think this should be your go-to seed is because it’s a fast-growing strain. Since it’s autoflowering, you can expect to get your first harvest 55 to 63 days after planting the seeds.
In just a couple months, you’ll be enjoying some homegrown buds. And because your first batch of plants will be harvested so quickly, you’ll have plenty of time to put your new horticultural experience to work in the second round of plants.

4. Potency

OK, now we’re getting to the good stuff—the entire reason you’re interested in growing your own herb.
We think you should start out growing FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies Auto because it’s a strain that produces buds with super high levels of THC.
At an average of 22% THC, the buds you’ll get from these plants are perfect for smoking, making extracts, and just about anything else.
Buds from a FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies Auto plant give users a buzz that you feel in both your head and your body. It’s perfect for smoking with friends, as it helps people feel more social.
It’s also a good option for treating medical conditions like chronic pain, neuropathy, muscle spasms, and PTSD.


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