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WHERE TO BUY WEED IN CALIFORNIA; the premier sustainable sun grown cannabis provider embracing Northern California’s independent craft farm ecosystem, has commanded the number one selling cannabis flower brand position for three quarters in a row in California, according to data by BDS Analytics. In September alone, estimates by BDS Analytics showed that Flow Kana’s retail sales outpaced the competition by nearly three times.


The Flow Cannabis Institute, offering a wide range of co-packing, white label, and distribution services to partner brands, dispensaries.

“It’s incredible to see the transition of consumer preferences that a fully legalized market brings. We believe this plant belongs cultivated under the amazing California sun and this data shows consumers choose sungrown.”

Our oil is one of the most potent on the market. Unlike many other brands that give you the results of raw oil that they then dilute, at Pure what you see is what you vape. Our Lab tests for each batch are printed on the package and most batches test well over 70% THC. Additionally, due to our natural process in which we use the terpenes found naturally in the flower, the flavor and draw from our cartridges is exceptionally smooth. Hybrid strains are a cross of two or more strains of cannabis, allowing the patient to get the desired effects of both Indica and Sativa strains in one Hybrid strain.This Cali Kush concentrate is a great hybrid. Personally I felt more of the Indica feel (which I like) but for others they felt more of the Sativa.

Cali Kush must have been a no-brainer when it came time to name this strain given the popularity of Kush varieties in the Golden State.

Kali Kush got the following smells

  • Earthy
  • 2. Sweet

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